Monday, April 10, 2017

how wonderful life is

... now you're in the world.

it's a little bit funny, this feeling inside. copied the words from a song to express what i honestly feel tonight. life wasn't really colorless then because of the many things i tried to juggle with my two hands such as work, band, hobbies, coffee, etc. but then you came like a tiny, playful flame to ignite what seems to be an eternal showdown of marvelous fireworks, making all these noise and mess and sparkle and wonder and delight and blessing and all good things i never thought I would ever have, never thought i deserve to feel.

such a privilege to be the one whom you call "mommy", to be the one to lay down beside you and read you stories every night, listen to your theories, laugh at your funny faces, participate in your magic show and trim your fingernails while you still can't. i thank the Lord for you..

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

books for little boys

when my 4-year old asked me to buy this God Is with Me Daily Devotional for Boys at the bookstore, i immediately grabbed and paid for it. sure he won't be able to read it on his own yet but it would be a great bonding time to read together every morning. he usually gets bored easily with books without pictures but he kept flipping this one and wants to take it with him wherever he goes, maybe because of the happy wide eyes on the front cover or maybe because it just feels like a grown-up book to him, idk. whatever it is, mommy won't deprive him of what is good for him until he is already able to unravel the morality of things on his own.

the Bee Polite is just one of the Bee series which i bought from OMF Lit Bookstore located at Il Terrazzo Mall, Quezon City. the other one was Bee Happy which i gave to my godson who loves to read also. i highly recommend this book (or series) because of the values they contain and express in simple ways with illustrations that make the text entertaining. well of course mommy makes it even more entertaining with my story telling gimmicks but that's another story. anyway, in just a short span of time, my son seemed to have memorized the words and although he's fairly polite already, i'm happy that he was able to understand politeness better and apply them in real life situation even more. have i already said this book is just 80 pesos? i believe you can order them online too at OMFLIT.COM.

The Bible says:

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6

many people say i have a smart child and that makes me secretly giggle inside as i'm just so thankful to the Lord because i know it isn't the result of my own doing but His. to me what matters more is not standing out because of his extraordinary logic but because of his extraordinary heart. i always tell him that and hope it would carry him through the following chapters of his adventures.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


why 2016 is the best year yet? well i...

fell in love with and witnessed the recovery of a typhoon- stricken town

half a year official experience in being a store manager for school supplies business and snackbar

learned how to drive, manually first then automatic. i'm not yet an expert but i'm no longer intimidated by jammed highways

not really that significant but i switched phones, may switch again early this year just because i want to

my son turned 4, and he's sweeter than ever

my faith and character was tested big time. my heart was broken but God's heart broke along with mine. He carried me through the storm where i learned more about the truth of who He really was, is and forever will be!

started not just one, but two micro businesses this year

learned about fabrics

learned how to sew pants, bags and scarves, willing to learn more

learned how to take care of myself again after being my last priority for more than six years

experienced an outpour of blessings that i have never experienced before!

realized that the enemy will do anything in its power to make you believe that life is not fair, that your skills and strength will make you succeed, that you can achieve anything all by yourself, that forgiveness, humbleness, understanding, patience, respect, sacrifice and obedience are all worthless. but God knows everything and no heartache, no real love offered to Him is ever wasted.

am so happy that God loves me!

i have many things to do but my goal for 2017: spread His love.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

wonder woman mode

slept at 5AM this morning trying to be as productive as i could and my cooperative neurons yielded that i even had to force myself to get some rest. been doing looooooots of things lately and want to do more, sometimes i wish there's 36 hours in a day.

what makes me guilty sometimes is when i try to compute the hours or minutes that i spend "being" with my child. being physically present but mentally out there somewhere else for the purpose of stabilizing the two of us financially is just unfair to him i know. oh the struggles of being a single mom. someday i will try to write about it. it's hard and it can be draining being the sole provider, care taker, cook, teacher, playmate, coach, everything-in-one wonder woman but i am blessed by his existence and i wouldn't trade being what i am to him now for any other career.

and whenever he's talking in his sleep saying "i love u mommy"... i thank and praise the Lord for putting me in such wonderful, sweetest journey one could ever experience 😊

Sunday, December 11, 2016

14 days till Christmas

it's been a while since the last update because i got really busy with the 2nd small business i started this year plus another income source (crossing fingers) waiting to get prioritized. seems like i'm fighting a useless battle with time when all it offers me is the chance to hit the sack. dilemma is, there's an explosion of brand new ideas in my brain, filling out my to-do list and it takes serious inner peace to get a hold of myself. it's like my cells are overcharged and stopping means to self-destroy. surely I won't be able to accomplish anything without my source of strength, my inspiration, my source of wisdom and joy. so Lord i thank You for letting me know who You are, for keeping Your promises, for having my best interest at heart, for not depriving me of anything and everything that's going to be good for me. You truly are our awesome God!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


i'm so moved by this extraordinary prenup video of karel marquez and her fiancé, that i've been playing it over and over again and even shared it to my friends. the words were perfect, the scenes...

maybe i like it because it's like seeing my own happy ending.

congratulations karel, sa wakas :)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

DIY skirt and other things

what a joy to be able to actually make and wear something you just once had in mind! i made this not a very long time ago along with another skirt which i've upcycled from a worn out camouflage short pants. this one is just a simple pencil skirt made with a yard of stretchy fabric. not complicated at all until i added my "signature" slit over there as a newbie slash adventurer, and so i messed up with the seam alignment, scratched my head, decided to make things right and then tada! i'm so grateful that this turned out alright ;)

seeing other hobbyists share their work and knowledge they've learned through their sewing (or actually any craft) journey makes me eager and inspired to go ahead try things out. and each time i was able to prove that when you put your heart to something that you want to fulfill, along with prayers and guidance from above, you will be able to do it!

just like how i got so inspired by Jon Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Switchfoot and many other artists to write, record, and perform songs a few years ago. i received lots of emails and inquiries then about how i did them, what drove me to write this song that song etc. and the truth is, during those times all i wanted was to express what's in my heart and i believe that it was God who taught me the words and played the melody in my mind because i can only remember the feeling but not the actual word selection and tuning. i don't know how to explain it further or if there's even a need to. but anyway, in a few weeks, hopefully i'll have the time to sit down, record and share some of the drafts that were squashed under my pillow. in the meantime, i'll reward myself with one of God's greatest gifts to mankind - sleep. Zzzz...